New Culture Media Plates Reduce Impact on the Environment

JANUARY 20th, 2019: Thermo Fisher Scientific’s new SmartPlates, which were recently introduced in North America, provide numerous user benefits and enable Thermo Fisher and our customers to reduce environmental impact.

Fully compatible with all available automated specimen processors, the SmartPlate design brings together Thermo Scientific prepared culture media with an enhanced universal plate format for efficient and high-throughput isolation, identification, differentiation and screening of samples. The innovative SmartPlate design reduces the amount of resin required for manufacturing by 10% and will help Thermo Fisher reduce overall plastic resin use in culture media plate manufacturing by more than  120 tons a  year.   

Due to its advanced durability the new SmartPlate also minimizes laboratory waste and the company has developed a calculation system to enable customers to measure their own reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by using these plates.

"The launch of the SmartPlate format brings together our proven Thermo Scientific prepared culture media with a durable, universal plate design," said Bernd Hofmann, vice president of marketing. "Our customers are thrilled about  both the improved design and the reduced impact on the environment."